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2 years ago

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I've had for a while my wife is about to sleep on suspicion that she is a size 14 stuffed with big tits and when I first married her so dirty, it was unreal, I am very bad in the car, film anywhere, to fuck in the car regularly, and even brought another woman home after a night, and both mrsextube Shagged Me. But in the last year or so all vanished, from time to time let me f * ck it is, but it is only the NIOT. I found a couple suspicios texts on your cell phone about a fortnight before he did so this Saturday morning I set out to find out for sure. I knew I was 8 and 12 times mrsextube that his only chance, that someone was at work, I hid in the digital camcorder to your costume on Friday night and Saturday morning, I left on - deep sleep, she is by so no problems. I got home at 12-30 and took the car and told him to go shopping, I ran upstairs and put the camera on your computer and all my suspicions were true. Less than ten metersinutes after I went to work and she mrsextube sat on the bed of mrsextube SMS, which was out of bed and into your favorite Basque and stockings ( every god that looks hot red ) and then disappeared down the stairs. About five minutes passed and they reappeared in the bedroom with a mrsextube boy named Andy from our local pub. Within minutes, he kneeled down sucking his cock, tits and performed as a real prostitute, after five minutes or so pushed him back into bed and buried his face between her legs, licked them 20 minutes, counted are run at least three times and never stopped eating pussy. He leaned over the bed shortly after fucking her hard from behind and finally left knees, and he shot his load all over her face mrsextube and tits before she licks it clean. Thet together in bed for half an hour later, the kisses and caresses before leaving. After his death, produced a large dildo in the drawer under the bed and crazy herseldf cum back with her and her fingers. I have the hard copy record and yesterday, while she was gone I had a great to see another straw to suck, I was upset and angry, and will face, but I will always put a little rest the camera again this Saturday and see what else is up, my reflection is added only at the time about porn and watching women in our local pub - I can not remember the last time I sucked until I mrsextube - do it now to have homemade porn, but I 'm dead trying to make some copies and sell them online because it looks good in her underwear and behaves like a real bitch.

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